Valentine Graphics: Get Your Free Images Here

Valentine Graphics

Well it is time to celebrate Valentine’s Day again

We thought we would help you celebrate by giving you the chance to download some Valentine Graphics.

All you have to do is to go to the Comments Box below and tell us how you will use the graphics.Β 

We will then email them to you.

Need some ideas on how to use them?

Why not create an image like the one I have done in the top right-hand corner of this post.

You may have a business you want to promote such as selling clothes, jewellery or flowers.

Take one of the free valentine images and put onto a photo of one of your products. Add some text which is specific to your business and voila, you have a promotional image you can put on Pinterest, Facebook Page, Googleplus, in fact anywhere you want to promote your business.

Maybe you want to create a valentine card for your own Valentine. You can add any of the images to your card and print them off.

Alternatively you want to decorate an invitation to a Valentine party.
Again, add them to your invite and print them off. As you can see I have created a card and put a Purple Ronnie poem on it.

Valentine Card

Valentine Card

If you would like to learn how to use the software to make these images take a look at our YouTube channel.
The images are very flexible in that they are in the png format which means most programmes and printers recognise this format, so you don’t have to change the format before you can use them.

Another great facility of a png format is they are on a transparent background so you don’t have to get rid of the white background that comes with a jpeg.

This is great for web pages that have a coloured background. You can add them to the page and they will look very natural sitting on top of the background. Alternative, you may want to add a Valentine’s theme to your web header. Easy peasy!

You can put them through a photo manipulation programme like Photoshop, Gimp or Pixlr to change the colour and the size. So why not take this opportunity to download them. All we ask is that you put a comment in the box below telling us how you plan to use them. We will then send them to your email address.

Why not sign up for our Free TutorialsΒ and if you are feeling pleased with yourself, show us your creations! We like a bit of showing off. Go on, give us a comment and have a go and have some fun.


About The Author


I enjoy photography, creating graphics and photo manipulation. Together with my sister, we teach people how to use free open source software such as Inkscape and Gimp. We are also learning about graphic design and want to pass on our knowledge.

  • John Rainwater

    Would like to use a an image for wife jewellery business

    • Hello John – I am sorry but these are no longer available…

  • Molly Mason

    I would like the art for my class to make valentines and learn inkscape.

  • Lilly

    Hi Ladies,
    Could I please have your valentines graphics to use on some cupcake wrappers for an engagement party?
    Thanks in advance,

  • Hi Davina & Caroline I would love to use your valentine graphics for some valentines cards for my sweety and for my zazzle site if you approve…Thank You!!

    • Hi Cheri,
      You should now have the valentine graphics. We would love to see how to use them. Let us know where to look.

  • You ladies are amazing! I wish you to get 10 times more than you offer! You seem super busy with so many other requests, and I have the graphic designer in the house πŸ˜‰ but just wanted to say hi and congratulate you on how wonderful your offer is!! Have a wonderful day!

    • Hello there Delia,
      What lovely sentiments you have sent us. Much appreciated.
      Just in case the in-house designer is too busy to create something for themselves, these graphics are for you!
      Please enjoy them.

  • Bonita

    I’m not sure yet how I will use them!

    • Hi Bonita,
      We would love to see how you use the graphics. It will be a surprise.
      Enjoy playing with them.

  • Bev

    Hello lovely ladies!
    I would just love some of your lovely graphics to decorate my Facebook page cover photo and a blog post too!
    Thank you so much – you are very kind! xx

    • Hi Bev – graphics are winging their way over to you as I type πŸ™‚

  • lynn

    Looking for a cute graphic to make a valentine card for my daughter.

    • Hello Lynn – great to see you over here. Graphics dispatched – & we’d love to see what you do with the Valentine Card. I must say that Mums are great to have as a ‘secret weapon’ on Valentine’s Day πŸ˜‰

  • Niki Freeman

    Thank you Davina and Caroline! I plan on incorporating them somehow into a special Valentine Dinner our Meetup group are having next week πŸ™‚

    • Hi Niki,
      The graphics should now have arrived in your in box. Enjoy using them and please tell us, or better still show us how you have used them.

  • Nicole McClure

    Hello ladies – thank you once again πŸ™‚ I would love some loved-up images – I might make a romantic secret admirer Valentine’s Day card & pop it in my mailbox – might just make my own day!!

    • Hi Nicole,
      Who knows, you may already have secret admirer! When you have made the card, show us what you did. Any inspiration is gratefully received.

  • Hey Caroline: I am always looking for some graphics to spread the love for my clients. I will definitely use them for their fanpage.


    • Hi Cheryl,
      Hopefully you will find the graphics in your message box on Facebook. We didn’t have an email address to send them to you. It would be great if you could let us know if you receive them.

  • Hi there! I manage various client Facebook pages and would use your lovely graphics to create some romantic images which would hit the spot for my posts πŸ™‚

    Sadly, with two kids with birthdays in February (and my husband to boot), Valentines Day is rarely that romantic – must do better!

    • Ha ha Ginny! You must stop slacking and get your slinky 2-piece on πŸ˜‰

  • Cathy

    Hello Davina

    I’m launching a new company Social Media Marketing company and these graphics will be great for me to use on my website


    • Hi Cathy,
      I hope you received the graphics and you are busy beavering away creating. We would love to see what you come up with.

  • Mags

    I’d like to use them on a new blog (just in the planning stage) about relationships, and perhaps on Facebook too. I’m hoping these graphics will add impact to my words. Many thanks

    • Hi Mags,
      A new blog eh! It sounds as if our timing is good then. We would love to see how you have used them, so give us a shout and we will come and have a look.
      Happy creating

  • Kathleen

    To send out some love on Valentines Day to our FB followers

  • Well i’d love to get some seasonal pics up on FB and maybe pin them to Pinterest, maybe a sweet one for you guys for building such an amazing community of online entreprenuers like me! πŸ™‚ xxxxxxxxx Kate

    • Kate, we would love to see what you have done with the graphics. I bet it will be quirky!!
      You are very welcome,

  • Lindar

    I will use them in a Valentine’s Day card. Thanks for the gift.

  • I would like to use this graphic in my up and coming Valentines Day post. I think that such an image will blend in very neatly with my products and my random hearts that I am promoting.

    • Hi Nicole,
      Your graphics are winging their way across the ocean as I type.
      When you have made all sorts of interesting projects with them we would love to see what you have done.
      Pop over to our Facebook fanpage and show us. We maybe be able to give a link to your website.

  • It’s time for a new Facebook cover, and these would be perfect to help out with that. Thanks!

    • Hi Susan,
      We look forward to seeing your new Timeline cover. Come to our Facebook page and show us.
      Davina and Caroline

  • Hi,
    I’d love some valentine graphics to help promote Valentine offers on my website and on facebook. (Massage gift vouchers are good Valentine gifts!)


    • Hello Elizabeth,
      I think the graphics will go very nicely with your Massage gift vouchers. Why not come over to our facebook page and show us one of the vouchers.
      Look forward to seeing it

  • What a generous offer! Thank you! I plan on using mine to decorate my newsletter and my blog, which is about relationships! I might also use them for an image that I put a quote on about Valentine’s Day for my Facebook fan page. : D

    • Hi Sherie, your graphics are winging there way over to you as I type. Enjoy!

  • Sandra Burns

    No.1 for me will be updating my FB profile pic. You have so many good suggestions – hmm, what to do next. Looking forward to having a play.

    • Hi Sandra,
      These little graphics have a long way to go but hopefully they will be waiting for you for when you arise in the morning.