The Easy Way to Create Your Own Funky Paisley Pattern

The popularity of the Paisley Pattern is never ending. Several people have expressed an interest in knowing how to create a Paisley design so we thought we’d oblige :)

We have created 6 basic Paisley shapes and we are giving them to you, so that you can easily and quickly create your own Paisley designs.

Read this First

To get access to these shapes:

Please leave a comment at the end of the post (in the WordPress comments & not FB ones, so we can get in touch with you) telling us how you plan to use the design – be it for fun, embellishments to existing graphics, as a basis for designing some fabric (yes, we know of one enterprising lady who has done this!).

We will then email you the 6 paisley patterns straight away.

]Please Note:  ** We will be creating 2 more tutorials, and in those we shall show you how to create your own Paisley shapes using Gimp.**
** It is of course, possible to draw paisley shapes using Inkscape, and we will be doing a more advanced tutorial on this in the future.**

A few interesting facts about the Paisley Pattern

Resembling a twisted tear-drop  the kidney-shaped paisley is of Iranian origin, but its western name derives from the town of Paisley, in central Scotland where the world renowned Paisley shawls were woven,

It’s been hugely popular ever since, with high-spots including

  • Fender Guitars sticking pink Paisley wallpaper onto the main body of their guitars in the 60’s, which were hugely fashionable.
  • In 1985 the musician, Prince had a hit record – “Paisley Park” paying tribute to the rock and roll history of the Paisley design.
  • and The Azerbaijan’s team sported colorful paisley trousers at the 2010 Winter Olympics!


There are 2 parts to this tutorial, and we are using Inkscape software

If you don’t have a copy of Inkscape (it’s free) yet, you can go over to our resources page where there is a link to download it, and a brief explanation of what the programme does.


Video 1 – Importing and vectorising the paisley shapes 


Video 2 – Creating a background and saving your paisley patterns 

We hope you have fun doing this.

Want to know how to phsically create your own Paisley shapes? Subscribe to our RSS feed as we’ll be showing you that in a future video. We’ll be using Gimp to do this.

If you’d like to learn the basics of using the Inkscape software whilst creating your own graphic, click on the link below and get access to our free video tutorials.

Photo Credit:  Penina S Finger

Free video tutorials

  • Joyce

    I loved the tutorials. I love designing my own fabric and I would love using the designs for this.

    • Caroline

      Hi there Joyce! The Paisley design are on their way.

      We’d love to see some of your design when you’re done.

  • Joel Cantos

    Hello, really appreciate these tutorials – looking to design some shirts for my family and was having trouble getting started – looking forward to seeing some of your designs!

    • Caroline

      Hi there Joel – hope our design will help. They’re on their way right now.

  • LeAnn Weaver

    Really great tutorials – I want to create my own paisley fabric. this is a great starting point. Please send me some sample paisley graphics. thanks in advance!

    • Caroline

      Hi LeAnn – I wonder if you’re going to be using Spoonflower to create your fabric? The Paisley designs are heading your way..

      • LeAnn Weaver

        Thank you so much – yes Spoonflower is what I use. I also use – another free graphic software. Have a great day!

        • Caroline

          LeAnn – we’ve had a few people use our tutorials with Spoonflower. Good Luck!

        • LeAnn Weaver

          Caroline – So you are making these designs copyright free? Spoonflower wants to know if I have the right to use anything I upload. I will be coloring in and modifying them to my own design.

        • LeAnn Weaver

          thank you very much – no problem – have a great blessed day!

  • Julie

    Hello! I am a teacher and I was planning on using Paisley in my classroom this year. Planning on using patterns on posters and such just for my personal use in my classroom. Thanks!

    • Caroline

      Hi there Julie – what a great idea. The designs are being emailed over now, but do come back and show us what you did!

  • Graham

    Good morning – I am a furniture manufacturer (from Paisley in Scotland) and we would like to create our own Paisley pattern so that we can digitally print it and upholster onto our furniture. We’re not too sure where to start – could you please point me in the right direction.
    Many thanks

    • Caroline

      And Good Morning to you too Graham! and very nice to see you’re not only from UK but Paisley!

      Where to start? I would suggest going through this post and using the links here. You may have to learn some new software but we do have all the tutorials. If you do get stuck then do get in touch.

      Tn the meantime I’m sending the Paisley designs over to you and you never know, these may suit your needs. Good Luck!

  • Raph

    i like to use paisley patterns for the backgrounds of my digital art and paintings, but would like easier ways to make more of my own.

    • Caroline

      Hi Ralph – well here are some templates to get you going. Email with Paisley design winging its way over to you now. Enjoy!

  • Sandi Prince

    Hi Caroline,
    I just found your video by chance. Gosh, it seems like it was 20 years ago, when you taught me how to make my Facebook Page Profile banner.
    I am thinking of designing some matching homewares, cushions, and may even have a look at Spoonflower, too.
    Thanks for all the great tips you and Davina have given us over the years! :)

    • Caroline

      Hi Sandi! 20 years ago – hah – a computer was a dream at that point. Enjoy Spoonflower – it’s a gorgeous site.

  • Crymsyn Nirvana

    I make clothing in the game Second life and am addicted to paisley since the 70’s would love the pings and you saved my sanity with the Inkscape tuts I Loved them so clear and easy best tut’s around Thanks

    • Caroline

      So glad to have saved your sanity :) Sending PNGs over shortly and we’d love to see what you do with them!

  • Gaida

    Hi Caroline, Enjoying being a part of our Useful Graphic Design forum group. Always loved paisley and keen to start creating.

    • Caroline

      Hi Gaida – so very glad you’re enjoying yourself in the group and that you’re learning lots. Paisley design are winging their way over to you now.

  • Karen Lee

    Hi Caroline, thank you for the tutorial. I am planning to open a business with the word paisley as part of the name and I am exploring maybe using a paisley pattern to design the logo. It would be lovely if you could send me the paisley designs.
    Thank you very much!

    • Caroline

      Hi Karen – that sounds very exciting. Will you promise to come back and share the business with us when it launches? Paisley design being emailed to you now.

  • Linda Davis

    Just found your video’s and the creative juices are flowing. Can I get the paisley element shapes you used in the video

    • Caroline

      Hi Linda yes, of course, but I’m curious. How do you plan to use them?

      • Linda Davis

        I am toying with the idea of creating my own paisley design and have it printed on fabric at spoonflower

        • Caroline

          Aha! We have a few other people who have done this to great effect. We’d love to see the finished article!

  • Terry

    Thanks for the tutorials… They really helped me alot. I plan own using the designs to create patterns to put on socks that I am having manufactured. Paisley is one of the designs that I want and Im glad I’ve found you.


    • Caroline

      Hi Terry – glad you’ve found the tutorials helpful. Paisley designs have been sent by email. Would love to see what you produce – promise to come back and show us?

  • Carol Dollar Smith


    These are fantastic! I’ve always loved paisley design and would like to use it in some polymer clay work and in leather painting.

    Thank you!


    • Caroline

      Hi there Carol – welcome to our Blog – it’s really good to see you over here.
      The Paisley design have been emailed to you, but you must come back and show us what you create. Deal?

  • Cassie Neumann

    I belong to the group PIZZAZZ Quilted Postcards. One theme this month is to make a 4×6″ postcard using a Paisley design. I have Paisley patterned fabric, but would like to make something more original… if possible. Perhaps transferring a design on to fabric and using that way or maybe cut out Paisley fabric pieces to arrange in an interesting design.

    • Caroline

      Hi there Cassie – it’s great that you’ve found us. I’ve taken a look at our work and it is gorgeous.
      You could use a service like – if you don’t know of it then you are going to just love it. Some of our readers have done just that – created their design and then got it printed up using Spoonflower.
      So we are only giving you the designs if you promise to show us what you create. Deal? ;)

  • Rosalind Fruchtman

    Hi Caroline:

    Looking forward to this next step.

    Is this the from scratch one?

    I have Illustrator and Photoshop CS6

    Love Love Love your tutorials and teachings. They are so easy to follow and make perfect sense.


    • Caroline

      Roz – yes from scratch, but it won’t be for a while…we’ll keep you posted.

  • Michael

    Hi! stumbled on to your page and watched the two videos, really helpful. I want to create my own fabrics. the paisley would really help! :) thanks

    • Caroline

      Hi Michael – welcome aboard! Designs have been dispatched and we’d love to see what you create.

  • Rosalind Fruchtman

    Hi Caroline:

    Thanks so much, LOVE these paisleys?

    Have you done a tutorial yet showing how to create “one’s own original” paisley? That would be so great to know how to do.

    Hope all’s well.

    Roz Fruchtman

  • Diane Green

    What wonderful tutorials! Exactly what I have been searching for. Thank you!


    • Caroline

      Hi there Diane – happy to oblige ;) Don’t forget – we like to see the masterpieces!

  • Saraya Jackson

    Great tutorials ladies….and I just downloaded Inkscape. It seems easier enough to create a paisley pattern using your videos. I plan to use the paisley pattern/shapes to create an original business logo for my jewelry business. Thanks in advance….I have been trying to figure out how to make original paisley patterns for while now…so wish me look!

    • Caroline

      Hi there Saraya – Paisley patterns are on their way. Can’t wait to see what you create with them – promise you’ll show us?

  • Murielle Cyr

    Hi Caroline and Davina,
    Your tutorial about the paisley prints looks daunting, but fun. I’d like to try making a graphic with your prints if you’d be so kind as to send me them.
    At the moment, I’m trying to figure out how to put depth into my graphics. Everything I do looks pretty flat.
    Take care,

    • Caroline

      Hi there Murielle – how slack of us not to have responded to your comment before now!
      Thank you for dropping by and we are quite sure that you have made good use of the paisley patterns. You must show us what you make. :)

  • Lilly

    Hi Caroline!
    I’m so glad I discovered your videos. You explain everything so clearly – even I know exactly what to click on and what result it will produce. You’ve saved me from the usual hours of sweating and swearing and ultimately not managing to produce what I’m trying for. Thank you so much for producing the ultimate, idiot-proof tutorial!

    I’d love to have the paisley patterns for some background papers in various colours.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Caroline

      Hi there Lilly – we are SO pleased to get this feedback because this is one of the key things we hope to achieve – and that is clarity. Thank you for letting us know this.
      Sweating and swearing – sounds like a unbeatable combination to me ;) Paisley design winging their way over to you and please show us what you produce -C

  • Emma

    Hi Caroline, I would like to use the paisleys to make a stencil…for use on anything and everything I can think of because they’re so pretty!

    • Caroline

      Hi there Emma! That sounds like an excellent idea and I think the detail on the paisley should lend itself well to this – that is not too much detail. Anyway, please come and show us what you do -perhaps we could feature it on the Blog?. Email with the designs on their way to NZ!

  • Kristine Tate

    Am trying to come up wiht some pretty paisley designs for greeting cards

    • Caroline

      Hi there Kristine! Sorry to take a while to get back to you – your comment seemed to have gone AWOL :) I shall forward the designs to you right away. Come back to us if you need some input on printing – I would suggest that you save your design in 300 dpi in either png or pdf format.

  • Angie

    Hi Caroline,

    I would like to use this to make a wedding invite for a friend of mine, if that is ok with you. :) I think it would really go with the kind of motifs she likes.


    • Caroline

      Hi Angie – lovely to see you over here. Ooh! making a wedding invite sounds like a great idea.
      So now we’re only going to send you the patterns if you promise to show us the invite! Just joking – but we would love to see what you make.
      PS. Patterns being forwarded to you now.

  • Carrie Hannah

    I am wanting to follow along with your tutorial on inkscape and possibly use for some patterned paper.

    Thank you for all the great tutorials you guys have put together for everyone

    • Caroline

      Hi Carrie – lovely to see you over here. The Paisley patterns are being emailed to you, but you must promise to show us what you create. Deal? Cute owls on your site BTW.

  • Gaz

    not sure how I’d use these, so many Ideas.

    printing onto fabric. cutting files. embossing & engraving files. convert to embroidery files and stitch out….

    • Caroline J

      Gary – well, you’ve made a good start with some of the ways in which they could be used. We already have a couple of people who are creating their own designs and getting it printed on to fabric, so the sky’s the limit. Paisley shapes are being emailed over to you.

      • Gaz

        Thanks for the designs.

        I print the fabric myself with my home printer :)
        it’s a A3+ (prints up to 14 inch wide) so ideal for bags, cushions etc. just trying to work out a good way to fix the inks so they are waterproof (should then open up more possibilities)

        I’m quite liking the converting to engraving & embossing files for the silver bullet cutting machine to use – inkscape is a wonderful thing :)

        looking forward to the gimp tuts as well as the ink ones for making them ourselves too.

  • deborah

    I really want to know how to create designs for my own fabrics. I have never used photoshop or similar, I donwnloaded a programme cled seamless studio which is rubbish, and I just came across your page, which looks really interesting. I am a total begginer at all this as I am a fine artist, so dont have a lot of time to learn programmes but I so want to create wonderful paisley designs and try out all the wonderful colours out there.
    Kind Regards

    • Caroline J

      Hello Deborah and thanks for visiting.
      We can certainly help you (up to a point) with creating paisley. You will be able to do this from the basic tutorial we have here, using the shapes already created. I shall be soon creating the video that shows you how to create those shapes, so watch this space.

      I do understand about the time issue on learning, but it’s like a lot of things…there are ‘quick and dirty’ software programmes out there, but they will be limited in what you can do. At the other end of the scale is something like Photoshop, which can be a bit of a sledgehammer to crack a nut. We are trying to straddle that mid way point :)

  • Dominique

    Hello I would like to rec ‘d your paisley shapes, i wanna try to do some fabrics with those Tks :) And thank you for all the help with those tutos!

    • Caroline J

      Hello Dominique – Paisley shapes are on their way. You must show us what fabric you create with them…please ;)

  • Sandra Pandi

    Dear Davina and Caroline,
    Please could you send me the paisley patterns as I would like to manipulate them and finally design some paisley fabric.


    • Caroline J

      Hey Sandra – we hoped that you’d see the post. If not we would have sent an email. Anyway, Paisley shapes are winging their way to you! Enjoy..

      • Sandra Pandi

        SO HAPPY!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!!

  • Erna

    Hi! i quickly look at it and it looks amazing. will have to come back when i have more time! (really have to go pick up my son from school) other wise i would have been glued to my laptop!

    thank you also for letting me know its up.

    • Caroline J

      Hi Erna! Can’t have you glued to the laptop and forget about son ;)
      Have emailed the shapes and wait to see what you create.

  • Roz Fruchtman

    Wonderful Caroline:

    I am so grateful! Your tutorials are ALWAYS so easy to follow and so delightfully done. Your voice is wonderful and it’s so pleasant and easy to follow along. I love that you do NOT rush along and make it easy for those viewing to see what you are clicking on without having to rewind a hundred times! ;)

    I also noticed… In these brief videos you not only showed how to create a paisley pattern, but also a great deal about inkscape itself, which I found very interesting. THANK YOU!!!

    I’m so looking forward to the tutorials where you show how to make a paisley pattern from scratch! THANK YOU.

    Looking forward to your generous gift paisley pattern image download. THANK YOU!!!

    Did I say THANK YOU! Oh well, one can never say it too many times! ;)

    Roz Fruchtman

    • Caroline J

      Oh Roz – what a great message for us to receive. Thank you – we really do appreciate it.

      Also we are pleased that you find the pace good, and zooming in – all of this stuff really bugs us when we look at vids and so all we are really trying to do is something that we would find easy to follow ourselves. Still, if you have any comments on what we could/should do differently, then please tell us.

      The video on creating the paisley shape from scratch is going to be fun and whilst we will be using Gimp, you will be able to replicate it in PS. We might even do a PS tutorial as well, for those of you who do use it. Watch this space

      • Roz Fruchtman

        Glad to help Caroline:

        I’m very sensitive to bad video tutorials. I hate the ones with no speaking and all that clicking around. Usually I run from them. Many are well done and I always wonder why anyone would put all that work into a video and then NOT speak! It’s just hard “for me” to follow the none speaking ones.

        You and Davina are doing a fine job! I remember the first webinar with Jo. ;) It’s been fun watching you grow and progress! I wish you the best ALWAYS!!!


        • Caroline J

          Hey Roz – Paisley sent a few days ago, but have resent the email to you, so hopefully you now have them. If not, let us know :)

  • Alison Yule

    Hi both

    I’d love these tutorials to create some ideas for my woven fabric designs, not sure they would be commercial because they would be quite time consuming, but I like a challenge!


    • Caroline J

      Alison – that would be a GREAT idea, and perhaps not take too much time if you kept it simple? We’d love to see anything that you created and made. Davina used to spin wool and she’ll be very interested in this. Keep us up to date, please :)

  • Sue Kelly

    Slightly off topic – how do I get a photo here rather than the icon which came up automatically? I see that Sheila, Elizabeth and Dace did it – it’s possibly staring me in the face but can’t see anything about profile or picture?

    • Caroline J

      Sue – try – I think this is the answer you’re looking for.

      • Sue Kelly

        Thanks Caroline – will do later.

  • Sue Kelly

    Hi Ladies

    Great work with teaching us about using graphics. It is time consuming sometimes – but like with everything, practice does help. Sometimes becomes frustrating when it doesn’t go as planned. I am doing some graphics for a new website and thought these might be useful in that. I will send you a copy when it is completed!

    • Caroline J

      Hi Sue – so glad that you’re having a go. It can be time- consuming even when you know what you’re doing because it’s so easy to get distracted and go off and play on another project. If you have any questions whilst you’re doing the web site, just get in touch and we’ll try and help out :)

  • DeDe Palmer

    Thank you so much for all you teach us about creating graphics. I use vector art to create designs for my long arm quilting.

    • Caroline J

      Hey DeDe – thanks for interest. Davina has many interests around patchwork, embroidery and we’d love to get your input as to how you use vector art in what you do. Am sending off the paisley patterns now and perhaps you could share this with us?

  • Sheila Hensley

    Hello Caroline – I can’t do what you do (lack of imagination) but I do so love watching your tutiorials. You make it look so easy. I promise I’ll spend more time in inkscape learning as much as I can. Meantime I’ll watch what you do and pick up as much as I can. Great job on the tutorials. You two are simply the best at this! Thanks for all you do and offer to us.

    • Caroline J

      Hey Sheila – what a wonderful pal you are to have. Thank you for all your fantastic contributions – we really do appreciate it. Do you think it would folks to do some tutorials on the design side – if so what sort of things would you find useful?

  • Nicole McClure

    Hi Ladies – thank you again :) that’s great. I would love the paisely designs – to practice with & who knows…. maybe a father’s day tie gift card!!
    Nicole :)

    • Caroline J

      Hi Nicole – Paisley design sent off to you. So now I can’t wait to see your Father’s Day tie gift card. I’m guessing that’s a gift card that goes with the Tie pressie ;)

  • elizabeth hughes

    Hi Caroline,

    I just like getting frustrated using Inkscape!


    • Caroline J

      Hi Elizabeth – oh, you must tell us how Inkscape frustrates. Do stick with it because it really is a fabulous programme, and once the basics are there, it offers so much flexibility and scope to do other things. Paisley shapes on their way :)

  • Dace

    Hello! I would like to practice importing and vectorising the Paisley shapes. Looking also forward to the tutorial of how to create your own Paisley shapes. You’re doing a great job. Thank you!

    • Caroline J

      Hi there Dace – thanks for your interest and good wishes. Am sending the Paisley shapes off to you now…You will love how to create your own shapes too – loads of fun!

      • Roz Fruchtman

        Caroline, I never got the Paisley shapes. Was I supposed to do something else? Thanks ~Roz

        • Caroline J

          Roz – hopefully you got them now. I resent the email with them in. You might like to check your spam folder? Just a thought

        • Roz Fruchtman

          I can’t wait until you show us how to create our own designs!

          BTW, Carolyn… what software did you use to create the tutorial? They were so well done.

      • Roz Fruchtman

        Thanks Caroline:

        They are here now. Actually after you sent it I found them. I had been searching for the site name and not yours. I am VERY embarrassed!!!! Please forgive me! :(

        • Caroline J

          Hey Roz – no worries. I agree with you about creating your own paisley designs and I would have done that first, but there were a few people who I know just wanted to have the ability to do something quite easy and quick.
          The software I use is – I use the Pro version as you can edit with this. There is a free trial. I find it excellent and very easy to use. :)