Remove a White Background from Your Image In 5 Minutes Flat

Let’s set the Scene on how to removing a white background

So there you are, you’ve finished your article for your Blog, you’re feeling pleased with yourself because you think it’s a stonking article.

All you need to do is to find a suitable image or two to enhance the post.

Ooh, now you’re getting to the fun bit..

So you scurry off to one of the many sites that have been recommended, where you can get images that are part of the Creative Commons project, you check the license, and you select a relevant couple of images.

You’ve already decided where to put the images so that they enhance your text and you upload them to the site and stand back and admire your work. Ta da!

Here’s the nub of the problem

Drat, and double drat! The images have got a white background and it’s lying on your coloured Blog background, so the white background on the image  really stands out.

Huh! Just what you don’t want!

It seemed like a really good idea when you were deciding how you wanted your Blog to look, but each time you use an image (it’s those jpeg ones) on it, you have to remove this annoying white background from the image.

So now you have to figure out how to remove it; either go and ask on a forum, phone a friend (some hope there) or Google it.  NB. Hopefully you would find this post/video tutorial if you did that -:)

Can anyone out there relate to this scenario? If so, fear not, because help is at hand.


Professional image with white background

Bits of the white background remain






Here’s the Quick Solution!

Think ‘Fairy Godmothers’ think Minerva McGonagall, think free graphics software, think a step by step video tutorial on how to remove the background.

Add a couple of “Expelliarmus Deletrius” and the background has gone.

Well, not quite but if you do follow what Davina is showing you on the video in this post, then it really can be that simple.

Davina uses the free software Gimp to do this. She just goes through the steps you only need to take to do this, so you don’t have to learn ‘chapter and verse’ to be able to complete the task.

Davina also shows you a little known tip then ensures that all the white bits get zapped.
Watch out for this at 2.20 minutes into the video

It’s magic!


Remove White Background






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