Pinterest Picture Sizes: Here’s a Great Cheat Sheet

pinterest cheat sheet

Pinterest picture sizes all in one place

Anyone who has been around Social Media for a while will know how often the picture sizes change on the platforms.

So even if you knew all of the sizes off pat (or Jerry – Davina, that one’s for you) to start off with, chances are you might not be keeping up.

Well, as I was checking out the other day on the suggestion of a friend, I came across this really useful cheat sheet.


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I thought it would be a useful info-graphic to have handy.

For it to be even handier, click on the ‘Printer’ button on the left

Over to the left image

over there (at the bottom of the Social Media buttons), and print it out and stick it on your office wall.

If you’ve found this handy let us know in the comments below.

We really like hearing from you!

PS. If you find it tricky to come up with ideas for your Pinterest pictures – take a look at our Guide here.

  • Candi Elm

    I don’t know why this is so overwhelming to me. How many different pictures should we have on our blog post? It seems every social media site whats something else.

    • Caroline

      Hi Candi – I don’t think that you’re the only one who finds this overwhelming. It can be overwhelming for me too and I understand what’s going on – LOL
      You are right – every S Media site is slightly different (they would argue that this distinguishes them from each other)..

      Number of images on your Blog post – well no hard and fast rule, but keep it simple and stick to one to start with.

      All great questions and I do understand your frustrations. Come back as I’ll write a post to reply.

  • Dawn M

    Great info! I never know what size to make pix, so I just kind of use a “one size fits all” social media. How do you resize pics to make them the right size and then be able to resize the same picture again for a different platform?
    THanks for the infographic!

    • Caroline

      Hi Dawn – The trouble with one size fits all is that sometimes your images may just not look their best. Tell you what! I’ll write a post on this so do come back..and thkx for the question.

      • Dawn M

        Well that would be very kind of you Caroline! And did I tell you that you have my favorite girls’ name?

        • Caroline

          No you didn’t but you obviously have good taste! ;)

  • Keri Kight

    I love this chart. I put images in my blog posts mainly so that I can pin the page. It keeps traffic coming to my website, and I’m able to supply my webpage with an image. Now I know what size to make the images when I create them. Thanks for the information. :)

    • Caroline

      Hi Keri – thanks for taking the time to comment. This chart is really useful, we agree, and it’s interesting your reason for putting images on your Blog. What did you do before Pinterest launched? We’re a curious lot around here ;)

  • Delia @ Blog Formatting

    These are great, thanks for sharing the infographic, Caroline! Now, if only there was an ideal size that work on all social media platforms, web and mobile, so we only need to remember one thing!

    That would be awesome, right? :)

    • Caroline

      Delia – it would be great if the sizes were all standard, I agree with you.