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Fed up with Impenetrable Illustrator?

mouse bullet pointsDiscouraged by Perplexing Photoshop


Does thinking about using Photoshop give you a headache (but secretly you really would like to know what the deal is with layers)


Does the mention of vector graphics (or worse still EPS files) bring you out in a cold sweat?

If the answer is Yes to either of these questions, then we can help you.


We teach business owners how to use Photoshop and Inkscape (a real alternative to Illustrator) so that they can create their own graphics and get to understand once and for all what the dickens a layer really is. And trust us, it’s so much more interesting than an extra filling in your sandwich!

We are known for our well paced, jargon free teachings.

If either of these are of interest come join our merry band and try some of our free tutorials today!


Davina & Caroline





PS: We would rather put on weight than Spam you!