Facebook Fan Page New Layout 2014: All About App Graphics

Facebook Fan Page

Facebook Fan Page Timelines: You have no doubt heard about the impending changes to them?

Some people received the new layout as early as March, but all the pages will change over in June.

We’ve recently got the new design on our Useful Graphic Design Tutorials page.

We needed to adjust one of the app graphics and it took  a fair while to find out how to change it and then position said graphic in the place I wanted it to be.

You can find out how to do it in our video (further down the page) giving specific instructions. It’ll save you time fiddling around 😉

The size of the app graphic

This has remained the same at:    111 pixels x 74 pixels

Where are the apps located?

You can find them in 2 places now.

Under the More button See #1, immediately under the cover photo

and also on the left hand side of the page See #2.

New Faceboo

Only 3 apps will be shown on the left hand side (similar to present) and so your most important app should be at the top.

How to move the app graphics around..

This is much easier to show you and so here is video doing just that.


Do you have the new Timeline layout yet?

I must admit that it seems that we are usually one of the last people to get new functions on Facebook, but not this time!

So do you have the new layout? What do you think? Do you think that the apps are now more visible?

Let us know in the comments below.

Caroline 😀

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Caroline Jones

I'm Caroline and I look to help small business owners create their own graphics by writing tutorials and tips on graphics editing software. I live in Wales , love Tartan and Coffee Ice Cream. You can read more about me here

  • Cheryl Relf

    Figured out most of this. I would like to know how to see the NEW fans as they ‘like’ my page….. NOW it looks they are simply in alphabetical order, previously I would get a few likes and although not alphabetical they were plugged in there somewhere rather than at the top….. any solution?

    • Hi Cheryl – if you go to your page and immediately to the right of your Timeline image you should see a column headed ‘The Week’.
      In here are Post likes, reach etc and if you click on the page likes you’ll see the people who have liked the page in chronological order.

      Hope that answers your question.

  • Lisa Mallis

    I don’t have it yet – but once I do . . . I will have a FABULOUS resource! Thanks! As always – your content rocks!

    • Thank you Lisa. I think everyone will be getting it by 15 June so not long to go.

  • Just got it! Good info, but I don’t like where the tabs are now. Love your perky little video! Thanks – will be sharing with my peeps!

    • ‘Perky’ – that’s a nice adjective! I think I quit like where the apps are now. At least there’s more room to add something descriptive…

  • Great tutorial, Caroline! We received the new Timeline layout late Thursday night. I do like the new layout, and like you, I moved around the app graphics. Unfortunately, the apps are less visible with the new design, but I’m glad that they were not eliminated entirely with this roll out. Will definitely be sharing this!

    • Thanks Robin for sharing. I think that whilst the viewer needs to scroll a little to see the app graphics on LHS, there’s more space to put descriptive text. Perhaps 6 of 1 and half a dozen of the other 😉

  • Rivqa Miryam Kohan

    I’m undecided yet if they are useful but with all facebook changes I will adjust and find the good in them. 🙂

    • Hi Rivqa – I think we know that not everyone visits our FB pages 😀
      However, for those people who do, it makes sense for the apps to be as visible as possible – don’t you think? 😀

      • Rivqa Miryam Kohan

        Couldn’t agree more Caroline. Great point. Appreciate what your doing and shared on one of my pages @Whispers of Country. I’ll share more in next day too. Thanks