The Minimalist Guide to Making a Rectangle with 2 Rounded Corners

Rectangle with 2 rounded corners

How would you feel if

You could make a ‘right-on’ trendy image that took 5 steps to execute?

  •  Excited?
  •  Relieved?

Well look, there are no guarantees in life particularly when we’re talking about people and what they will do,
but here’s something to try.

A trendy rectangle with 2 rounded corners graphic

Yes, it is a bit of a mouthful.. In fact it takes longer to say it than to make it!

We’ve had requests asking how to make this rectangle with 2 rounded corners.
You’ve possibly seen it around?

Here’s one of those heartfelt requests.

[content_box_green width=”60%”]”I desperately would like to know …. how to make a rectangle where the opposite corners are rounded!!!
So 2 rounded corners and 2 90 degree corners..”[/content_box_green]


How could we refuse this such a plea?

Well, we couldn’t and so Ladies & Gentlemen, we give you the Rectangle with
2 Rounded Corners.

Rectangle with 2 rounded corners

Here’s an example







Warning! Spoiler Alert

  • You don’t need to be artistic
  • It will only take you a couple of minutes
  • In fact, it’s too darned easy!!

Right, glad we’ve got that out of the way, so here’s the tutorial.

We are using the free vector software Inkscape; you can find out more about it from our Inkscape page.
It’s a great programme, not too difficult to use and has some great functions. You can find out how to use the basics by accessing our free Inkscape video tutorials here.


Here’s how to make the graphic

Cue the video..

Video Viewing Guide:

This one’s really short.

  • 29 secs – Create a Rectangle
  • 33 secs – Round off the corners
  • 1.00 min – Create 2 more smaller rectangles
  • 1.20 min – Select and align 2 of these rectangles
  • 2.29 min – Select all objects and group together
  • PS. You can use the ‘Print’ button over there on the left, and have your Video Guide by your side on the table whilst you play around creating this. Just a thought...

If you’re not sure how to save your work in Inkscape, then take a look at our 2
videos that cover this:

Saving your work using a Mac
Saving your work using Windows

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Thank You.

How could you use the shape?

There are several ways which can include:

  • On it’s own with a simple message
  • As an image with a Call to Action – such as Learn More, Download Now, Add to Cart, Sign up.
  • Use as a slightly different button
  • As an instructional text box
  • As part of a composite design (see the thumbnail at the top of the post)

I’m sure that you can think of lots of others ways to use them.

Let us know how in the comments below.


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About The Author

Caroline Jones

I’m Caroline and I look to help small business owners create their own graphics by writing tutorials and tips on graphics editing software. I live in Wales , love Tartan and Coffee Ice Cream. You can read more about me here

  • Bev

    Well bravo, excellent!!!! I know I have been one of those people asking and thank you for the beautiful video! All looking very smart! I had tried a few ways unsuccessfully and frustratingly so this is very welcome. Thank you so much!!! Have tweeted!

    • Hey Bev – can’t wait to see what you create, because we know you’ll do a fab job 🙂