Kindle Fire HD – 5 reasons it should be top of your Christmas wish list

If you enjoy travelling then you will love the Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire Hd are everywhere these days. They are like a rash! Ok, I thought, what is all the fuss about, what makes them so special? I had a look at a few, talked to some people in the ‘know’ asked a few questions and came to the following conclusions:-

The Kindle Fire HD is ideal for people who like to travel either for a holiday, for business, or in a Motorhome and also like to watch films, read books, send and receive emails, listen to music and more.

Kindle Fire Hd 7"
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Here are my 5 main reasons why I think you would love to have a Kindle Fire HD 

1 – You like watching movies and playing games…
…whilst travelling.The Kindle Fire HD has been specifically designed to play movies and games. This means you are going to have plenty of processing power, storage space and a battery that doesn’t run out before the end of the film.

Some technical stuff

  • On average a HD movie takes up 2GB of space so you have a choice of either 16GB or 32GB within the device and free cloud storage up to 5GB.
  • The powerful dual core processor processes 6.2 billion floating-point operations per second, so the games run smoothly and delays between touching the screen and how quickly the application responds are eliminated.
  • The battery has over 11 hours of life so you won’t have to recharge mid film.

2 – Great reduction in screen glare
Looking at a LCD screen outside is very difficult. Great news! The makers of the Kindle Fire have come up trumps and reduced the screen  glare enabling you to watch your favourite films, read your books, or view your email messages  whilst relaxing in the chair.

Not only that but they have also done something very clever with the colours so you can read   the screen irrespective of what angle you maybe holding the tablet. (great for people with varifocal spectacles).

I have to say it is a pleasure to watch the movies as the images are crisp and sharp, the colours are rich and the quality of sound is very good with or without headphones.


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3 – Reduce the weight and the space in your suitcase or car
When you are travelling you want to keep the weight of luggage to a minimum. If you are like me you take so many additional electrical devises to watch movies, play games, send email etc. you haven’t space for anything else.

The Kindle Fire HD has the solution. It allows you to have all of these functions in one place for less then 16 oz, 13.9 or 395 grams to be precise.


4 – Never run out of movies to watch and books to read

  • You can rent or purchase over 120,000 movies. You can play them through a TV which is HDMI enabled.
  • At the same time you have access to 1.2 million books that you can buy from the Kindle store and millions more for free.
  • You may like to sit quietly and listen to music or want music for a party. Whatever your choice you have access to over 20 million songs.

5 – Eliminate stuttering videos and slow downloading

  • When you choose to watch HD content you do need more than adequate bandwidth otherwise there is video buffering, slow downloading and a greater risk of connections being broken.
  • The makers of Kindle Fire HD have installed two antennas so that media will stream 40% faster and connections are much more reliable. The device also has dual band support. So for example if there are a number of people using the same bandwidth, The Kindle Fire HD is able to switch between the 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi frequencies allowing you a better range and less interference.Kindle Fire HD with cover

Useful accessories

To accompany your Kindle Fire HD, you might like to purchase a cover.

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It is foam insulated to protect your kindle and you can flip it to  turn it into a stand so you can watch your Kindle hands free. It comes in a range of colours as you can see from the picture.

So I believe these are some of the benefits that  you travellers will enjoy.


Some aspects to be aware of

You have a choice of purchasing the Kindle Fire HD 7″ With Special Offers or Without Special Offers. If you choose With special Offers, you will get adds showing on your Kindle. If you don’t want them select Without special Offers – it will cost you $15 more.

  • There appears to be some debate at to how much free space you are allowed on the cloud. It does say in Amazon’s spiel there is “free unlimited cloud storage for Amazon content”.However, when you access your cloud account you are told you have 5GB of free space. You do have the option to buy more space.
  • The Kindle Fire HD does not come with a charger, unfortunately that has to be purchased separately, although you can charge it via a USB cable which is in the  box. It does take longer than the charger though. If you would like to buy a charger along with your Kindle you can get it here. Click here to purchase it Kindle Fire Charger

To Summarise

You have a choice of 16Gb or 32Gb storage on the device. This storage capacity is more than adequate for playing games and videos, reading books and playing songs, but If you want it to replace your computer then I think you will be disappointed as it is not a computer

Take advantage of any Wi-Fi hotspots and upload to the cloud any content you have seen and download new stuff. If you really need to have Internet access 24/7 then have a look at the Kindle Fire HD with 4G.

The Kindle Fire HD gives you the ability to have multiple entertainment packages all in one place. It is lightweight, the picture is sharp with rich colours that can be viewed at any angle.
All that is left for me to do is to write my letter to Santa. If he runs out he can always purchase one from here as you can. So hurry and get one before they all run out!

Have lots of fun and enjoy your purchase.


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