Inkscape Text Tool: The Basics

Inkscape text tool tricks

Inkscape is a super flexible programme and one of its great functions is the many and varied things you can do with the Inkscape text tool.

But before we get carried away let’s go through these 4 basic techniques on which you can build. They are:

1. Kerning

Kerning using Inkscape










2. Letter Spacing

Letter spacing using Inkscape










3. Line Spacing

Inkscape Text Tool Line Spacing










4. Text on a Path

Inkscape Text on a Path










Here are a couple of images where I’ve used these techniques. First up an image where I’ve decreased the letter spacing on the word ‘Condensed’ to give it a condensed effect.

Inkscape text tool tricks


You can use letter spacing to fill dead space, align your lines of text up nicely or to tighten up words that take up too much space (as in this example).

Inkscape Text Tool tricks









Or you can increase the letter spacing to align with another line of text as above

You can find more text tricks here

To see more detail on the basics of what the Inkscape text tool can do, take a look at our Slideshare – Warp, Stretch and Squish Your Text Using Inkscape – And Get Noticed!

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