How to Show Library Folder in Lion

Where has Lion OSX put my Library?

I recently updated my Mac operating system to Mountain Lion (I missed out Lion) so there were a few changes from Snow Leopard in the sidebar.

At first I didn’t realise something was missing and it was only when I created some brushes and I wanted to check I had put them in the right library that I realised I was a library short!

Was there a “black hole” in my system that had swallowed it up? Had I pressed the wrong button whist coming to grips with the new system and inadvertently deleted it? Had anyone else experienced the same situation? Some detective work was called for and so over to YouTube I went and asked the question “where is my Library folder?”

It would appear that many people have had the same experience as there are a number of tutorials showing how to restore the User Library folder that Apple decided to hide.

Now I know a tutorial on How to restore your Library folder isn’t strictly graphic design but some of our readers may have just bought a Mac or upgraded to Mountain Lion and are having the same ‘scratching of head’ thoughts as me. Puzzled woman

I decided if 10 year old whizz kids can do a tutorial on this very technical subject then so can I.

Click on the short video below to find out how to restore your Library folder.

Video – Lion hidden user Library

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So until the next challenge, enjoy and have fun.

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