How Making Facebook “Posters” Grew My Page’s Reach


How  Creating Your Own Graphics Can Increase Your Facebook Influence

A little while ago we welcomed a new visitor – Kathryn Yarborough of Flowing With Change to our page, and what a delight she is! Kathryn has followed our Inkscape Tutorials and has been getting some fabulous results from implementing what she has learnt.

So much so, that we wanted Kathryn to tell people what her experience has been, and so we invited her to guest on our Blog here. So over to you Kathryn…

(Update Oct 2013: To make things even easier in creating Facebook Posters, we have put together some specific training and you can get more information at the bottom of this post)

Kathryn says:

I’m a Facebook junkie! Actually I have my own business and I’m using Facebook to reach potential clients. So earlier this year when I saw the Facebook “posters” people had made that have their website URL on them, I thought, that’s a brilliant idea.

For about a month, I kept thinking that I wanted to do that… But I had no idea how!

Somehow I stumbled upon Caroline and Davina’s Facebook page – Useful Graphic Design Tutorials and clicked on the link to sign up for their free tutorials. Wow!!! Was I thrilled to discover that they were teaching in their free tutorials how to use a FREE graphic design software that could be downloaded off the internet. I practically couldn’t believe it.

So I watched a few of their videos and made my first picture! It wasn’t so good, but I proudly posted it on my Facebook page and theirs. Caroline and Davina were so positive… Each time I made a new picture and posted it, they cheered me on and encouraged me!

When they invited me to write a blog and tell folks how I create my pictures, I wasn’t quite sure what to write. The truth is I have a kind of inner sense of beauty – or something like that. So I fuss around with most of my pictures until I feel a click that says – that’s it.

For me it’s a creative process. Each picture takes about 30 – 40 minutes to create. You can do it a lot quicker if you just put some words on a photo… but I feel like I’m doing more than that. I’m creating something.

Here’s one of my latest Facebook “posters” on the right here,that demonstrates what I’m talking about.

Flowing with change means letting go of the past

Flowing with change means letting go of the past


So… if you want to know how to do this… Well watch the tutuorials and do what Caroline and Davina do as you watch them. You’ll learn how to use inkscape and gimp (though I haven’t even started working with gimp yet) and then you’ll have the tools to play. Then play, create, have fun, and share!

According to my Facebook statistics the number of people reached by my page Flowing with Change went from the highest of about 14,000 to over 70,000 in about 3 weeks – since I’ve been posting pictures I’ve created. It could just be a coincidence, but I don’t think so.


Kathryn Yarborough is the founder and director of Flowing with Change an online membership community that provides tools, skills, and support for people who are experiencing and initiating change in their lives. You can find out more about what Kathryn does, on her Blog


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About The Author

Caroline Jones

I’m Caroline and I look to help small business owners create their own graphics by writing tutorials and tips on graphics editing software. I live in Wales , love Tartan and Coffee Ice Cream. You can read more about me here

  • Hi Linda – Visual marketing is becoming ever more popular and we’ve made it really easy to make your own visuals with our latest training. Thanks fro stopping by.

  • Soraya

    I have always used a program without graphics and was never satisfied with my end results. I think I am much more creative than the results I got. I am looking forward to using your tutorials. I am definitely going to check out and like Kathryn’s page. Thank you 🙂 ♥

    • Hi there Soraya -thanks for stopping by. As you will see, we’ve put together some more training making it even easier to create your own visuals. Let us know how you get on.

  • This sounds like great advice. I need to make some graphics for my page and will check into this. Thanks for being a guest. Found you on BlogFormatting this last weekend. I’m behind on reading as I was out of town. Just catching up now.

  • Robin Strohmaier

    It is great to read about Kathryn’s experience, Caroline. What amazing results! Her story is definitely inspiring and so are your tutorials. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Yes Kathryn has had some great results but then she has taken the time to learn the programme even though she wasn’t sure she could do it to begin with. I say Good Luck to her for having a go.

  • Delia @ Blog Formatting

    Always loved your graphics, Caroline! And the results about the Facebook reach are amazing!

    • Ah, thank you Delia. Kathryn’s had such success with hers I thought I’d share her story again.

  • Margaret Heisworkingitout Reed

    Great posters, got to watch the tutorials.

    • Hello Margaret – this post is a little ‘older’ but still relevant. You will find our tutorials on YouTube. You’ll find a link to the YouTube Channel on the Inkscape/Gimp resources page.

  • MamaRed

    OOPS, clicked too soon (sorry ’bout that). I was one of those who hadn’t a clue to turn stuff into a graphic. It may be “cheating” and I use PowerPoint a lot to create tips that are images instead of just text. At least it got me going!

    • Whatever suits you and you say it’s got you going, which is the main thing. However there are lots of easier/more funky.quicker ways of doing graphicy things..

  • MamaRed

    Love your tutorials Caroline…thanks for sharing them so graciously!

    • Hi there MamaRed – it’s a real pleasure.

  • Sue Glashower

    Thanks for the helpful information. I look forward to making more of my own graphics!

    • Hi Sue – and thanks for tip off about the link. Very appreciative.

  • Deanna Heiliger

    I love that you give free tutorials…I will have to check them out! Are the Facebook “Posters” just images with your website printed on them?

    • Hello Deanna – well, the term ‘Facebook Poster’ wasn’t coined by us. We interpret it to mean any image/an image with text on that has a message/ an image that informs – anything really. We put our website address on it so that if people like the design they may come and check out our website. That’s all..

  • Lisa Mallis

    Just the “push” I needed to take my facebook posters to the next level. I’ve implemented your advice in the past . . . and need to now pump up the graphic! This is a fabulous post!

    • Hello Lisa – you must show us what you do? come over to the FB wall and we’ll show you off!

  • I’m so glad Kathryn posted about this… now I’m thinking about ways that I can utilize posters on my personal page and other pages that I administer.

    • Caroline

      Hello Christine – there’s no doubt about it that images are powerful and if you can create them yourself, you’re laughing! Do show us what you create…Davina & Caroline 🙂

  • Can’t wait to get excited Kathyn posted I have been looking for something to help draw my own posters!!! yeah…so thank you..and I will let you know how I do!!


    • Caroline

      Hi there Patricia! Great to see you over in this part of the world 😉 Don’t forget, if you don’t understand something, let us know and you must promise to show us some of your masterpieces! – Caroline & Davina 🙂

  • It’s great to read about Kathryn’s experience with inkscape, and to see the fantastic results she is getting from using it. A picture speaks a thousand words, and I’m all for that! I love editing and messing around with pictures, so thanks Kathryn for inspiring me to get into inkscape and do something for myself.
    Thanks also to Davina and Caroline for all their helpful videos, taking us through it step by step.

    • Caroline

      Hi there Barb! Isn’t Kathryn great. What we love is that she wasn’t too sure what she was doing initially, but got stuck in there and did something and look at what she’s produced. So now she has a foundation to build on, if she wants to. Good to see you going through our videos – please do get in touch if you have any questions. Caroline & Davina 🙂

  • I think this is fascinating. I’m not a natural when it comes to pictures of any sort. I prefer words. It’s really helpful to read about someone using graphics successfully.

    Well done.

    • Caroline

      Hi Margaret – we have several people who are getting some really good results using images. Sadly, some are a little shy in writing about their experience, but we are working on it!
      Caroline 🙂