3 Ways to Attract More Blog Readers Using Deliciously Distinctive Photo Images

How to find distinctive photo images

Quick Question:

Do your Blog posts receive the attention they deserve?

Are your images so distinctive and tempting that visitors feel drawn into reading your post?

Do you even have any images in the Blog post that enhances your posts message?

A Blog post without relevant enticing images is like Coffee Ice Cream with half a shot of espresso in it.

It’s bland, a bit uninspiring and pretty run of the mill.

And that’s not the sort of feeling you want to create in the reader’s mind.

So now you’re probably sitting there thinking –

  • but I’m not artistic
  • it takes me long enough just to write the Blog post
  • let alone have the time to come up with fancy shmancy images

Well it just so happens that I can help you with this conundrum and it just maybe a lot simpler than you think and produce great results.

Take a look at this post I recently wrote for Marianne, a friend of ours. I take you through how you can select or create shockingly good images that will augment your Blog post messages and prompt your readers to come back for more.

Distinctive photo images




PS. Please come back and let me know if the post helps you or you think you still won’t be able to come up with a shmancy image for your next Blog post. (BTW – Is there such a word as shmancy?)


About The Author

Caroline Jones

I'm Caroline and I look to help small business owners create their own graphics by writing tutorials and tips on graphics editing software. I live in Wales , love Tartan and Coffee Ice Cream. You can read more about me here

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  • I guess that is where I have been lacking at. I plan on adding more graphic and trying new things. My 14 year old is better at doing that sort of thing, I try to employ her help.

    • Brandy – that’s a great idea – that way she will feel involved!

  • BabsProjects

    I agree with you. Post needs great images. I have recently started ask my daughter to help me with creating and personalizing images. #sitsblogging.

    • Then you must let us know how you go on Babs!

  • I try to always have at least one image. I just bought a bridge camera but came down with the flu so I have no practice yet. I’ll get there.

    • Carla – can you let us know what a Bridge Camera is?

      • A bridge camera has more functions than a point and shoot but doesn’t have interchangeable lenses like a DSLR. The body is bigger like a DSLR as well so you can get used to working with that type of camera.I got mine at Walmart on sale. It wasn’t much ($135) and I’m not prepared to spend the money on one of the more expensive cameras until my photography skills get better.

        • Carla – thanks for the explanation!

  • Becca @ Bare Feet on the Dash

    I think great photos are such a key part of a blog post, so you are preaching to the choir. 🙂 I always hope to improve my photography and make great pinnable images.

    • the only thing to do is to keep on practising, learning and refining.

  • Audrey Humaciu

    I am trying!!! I know this is one area I sorely need improvement in since I am a food blogger. Pinterest is a strong traffic source for me and I have to get better at creating better photographs. I have joined a photo a day group to push me in this area and I think I am improving. I always used to try to get a picture of the whole plate in the center of the square, but now I am using more closeups and macro.

    So glad I found your site through the SITS Comment Love group. I am subscribing to all of your feeds and will be pouring through all of your delicious insights soon.

    • Audrey – you should have no shortage of material to photograph then! Food photography is a specialised form, but I reckon the best thing to do is to take lots of photos, and keep refining. Macro shots work well with food.

  • Becky Gall Hardin

    great info!! thanks so much for the insight!

  • Hope you can use the information somewhere, Brandi!

  • Censie ‘Mumby’ Sawyer

    Very important to have photos in posts! Also making them pinable is a good idea too. Great advice! #SITSBlogging

    • Hi Censie – I would say it’s a *must* depending on your business topic, of course..but even businesses that offer a service can really generate some traffic using images that use these techniques.

  • Brandi Gardner

    Very helpful! <3 http://www.sweetanddownlow.com #SITSblogging

  • I’m all for images on blog posts… I need to work on improving the ones I use! Need to get a new camera first… phone photos aren’t doing it for me anymore.

    • That’s interesting Simply Brittany – why is that do you think?

  • I always add about 10 images to each post…but I might have a little bit of a photo problem! ; ) So nice to meet you tonight. Thanks for this great advice post! Love, Becky from Life with Kaishon

    • Hey Rebeckah! – 10 images per post is great. I do hope that you’re optimising them so that they don’t slow down you site?

  • Becky @ Eliorah

    Great tip! One of my goals this year is to improve on the quality of images in my blog posts 😉 thanks for sharing! #SITSBlogging

    • Becky – that’s a great goal to have and if we can help at all, just shout!

  • Bev @ Blogging Inspiration

    I agree that every blog post should have at least one image. A few years ago that might now have been true but since Pinterest came along it’s become much more important to take the time to include images.

    • And they are becoming even more important. Good to see you over here Bev.

  • Carrie Spalding

    Great tips – and I agree, fabulous images are absolutely essential for blogs these days!

    • Hope you found this helpful Carrie.

  • Good tips! I’ve been working hard at creating eye-catching photos for my blog. As a reader, I like having something more to look at too.

    • Hi Ashley – and visual marketing is only going to increase this year. Let us know how you go on.

  • I agree, having a picture in your post is pretty important.

    • Well, given what you do Ashley, that’s good to hear 😉

  • Barb@embracingthesecondhalf

    Thanks for some good tips. I try to use at least one picture in each post, but I never thought of zooming into certain pictures to convey emotion. Or using pics that play on words. I’m a newbie, so I’m always happy to learn something new!

    • Hey Barb – give it a go and see what happens. You could ‘practice’ on Social Media – if you don’t like something you’ve created it will ‘swim by’ fast enough in Facebook’s Newsfeed. Let us know how you go on.

  • Carissa

    Good thoughts! I have a great camera and need to use it more in my blogging.

    • Carissa – to be honest the quality of smartphone cameras these days are so good (and are much more real than Stock Photography shots) and are really handy/easy to use.

  • I need to spend more time working on this. I always have at least one picture, but they aren’t professional quality like I’d like.

    • Hi Brittany – what aspect of the image would you like to improve? We might be able to help you..

    • Hi Brittany – can you tell us what a Bridge Camera is?

      • I don’t know what you’re talking about?