2 Mistakes With Images That Will Make You Look Unprofessional

ShareThis:Do you know the difference between a Bitmap and Vector Image? You don’t? Well, now is the time to put that right, because not understanding this can make you look unprofessional if your visual content comes out looking blurry and wonky (that’s a technical term, by the way). What is a Bitmap Image  A Bitmap (also…

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The Minimalist Guide to Making a Rectangle with 2 Rounded Corners

Rectangle with 2 rounded corners

ShareThis:How would you feel if You could make a ‘right-on’ trendy image that took 5 steps to execute?  Excited?  Relieved? Well look, there are no guarantees in life particularly when we’re talking about people and what they will do, but here’s something to try. A trendy rectangle with 2 rounded corners graphic Yes, it is…

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Get Rid of Confusion over Image Formats Once and For All

Image Formats

ShareThis:Image Formats: Make them work for you In this post I’m going to show you how understanding the difference between .gif, jpeg and png image formats, can give you more professional looking images faster loading web pages and images that move!   These images all look the same! Take a look at these.    …

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Funky Font Styles: A Little Known Way to Make Cute Images

Funky Font Styles

ShareThis:How to Create a Cute Graphic using Dingbat Fonts Hands up those of you who know what a Dingbat is? Anyone? Well, my mother sometimes used to call me this, but more of that later. The word has a couple of definitions:   1. A stupid or eccentric person – Okaay…thanks Mum! 2. An ornament,…

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Graphics Software: What Question Would You Like to Ask us?

ShareThis:Here at Useful Graphic Design Tutorials, it’s our job to help you  make your own simple graphics even if you don’t think you’re artistic and you don’t think you’re capable. So please tell us what you most pressing questions are. Image we are your ‘Fairy Godmothers’ (smirk). We give you permission to ‘Go for it’!…

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Google Plus Cover Photo March 2013: How to crop to any size

Google Plus Cover Photo

ShareThis:Google Plus Cover Photos have recently changed, on both the personal profile and business pages. The new size is a whopping 2120px by 1192px, with a 16 x 9 proportion. It’s now taking up most of people’s computer screens, and we’ve seen several comments indicating that people would like to change this. So if you’d…

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Facebook Ads: Would your Ad pass the text test?

Facebook Ads Text Rule

ShareThis:What does a Facebook Ad with 20% text look like? Would you like your Facebook Ad to be given the go-ahead first time, with no hassle? We give you the low-down on the 20% text rule below to ensure this can happen. On the 15th January, Facebook introduced a new rule for Timeline covers and…

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Create a stunning Paisley design that would make William Wallace weep

Paisley Design using Gimp Brushes

ShareThis:Would you like to know how to create your own Paisley design – in fact any design – that you could use to create your own fabric design, T Shirt design or just a stylish, more unusual image for your social media or Blog? Of course you would! We show you how to do this…

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29 online business tools that will help you to be more productive

ShareThis:If you’d like to make your time on-line more productive and hassle-free, then take a look at our hand-picked list of useful on-line business tools – both graphics based and general ones. Oh, and don’t ignore the website measuring tool, just at the bottom of the resources page in that link. Genius! Confession time now! To be honest we’ve had a…

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Aweber: 3 ninja moves that will help to grow your list and keep existing subscribers happy

ShareThis:Interested in knowing 3 ‘secret’ ninja moves in Aweber? Read on.. Davina’s been on to me for a little while to write about these 3 really useful features in Aweber… For those of you who are not familiar with Aweber, it’s a complete Email marketing program that allows you to send out mass newsletters, create…

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