Discover How to Give Your Business Card Layout the Professional Touch

Professional business card layout

ShareThis:If you want to create a business card layout that looks stylish and professional read on.. People who are new to making their own marketing graphics, tend to put text and graphics on the page wherever there happens to be space. Very often this is without regard to what else is on the page. As…

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The Dummies Guide To : Creating Image Links the Easy Way

Creating image links easily

ShareThis:We’re taking one of the many questions asked of us each week and this one’s a cracker! Q. I’d love to know how to image link – that is how to attach a link to an image on my website that links to another website. Great question Susan! but before we get down to showing…

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How to Ask Better Questions to Get The Answers You Want

Asking good questions

ShareThis: Q: Why do we ask questions? A:  To get the answer to a problem or challenge we are experiencing. This could be within a group we belong to or asking for help from a support service. However, people ask some daft questions! You may have even been asked some yourself.. or perhaps you have asked…

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Fabulous Free Photo Sites: We Reveal 2 Of Our Favourites!

Fabulouse free photos sites

ShareThis:Our Secret is out! Are you constantly on the lookout for excellent, easy to use free photo sites to use for your visual content? Would you rather not to have to bother with things like ‘Royalty free’ and Licences for your images? Do you find it costly having to use stock images all the time?…

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How to get Monumental Engagement Using Riddles, Brain Teasers and Jokes

riddles brain teasers and jokes

ShareThis:Question 1 – So what’s the most popular type of post on Pinterest? and Facebook. And probably Google Plus? Answer: Yes, it’s the image/photo/visual/infographic. CLICK HERE if you’d like to be able to make these sort of images Question 2 – What do people love to do (even more than eating Ice Cream?) Answer: Yes…

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How to Make Your Images Look More Unusual Using Cool Photo Effects

Cool Photo effects

ShareThis:Using Cool Photo Effects to Give Your Post Some Oomph is..! Have you ever surfed the web and come across a post that has the exact same image that you’ve used on one of your posts? And let’s say this post is on a competitor’s website? Hmm. If this has never happened to you…

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Which On-line Photo Editing Software is incredibly easy to use, gives you stunning results (without having to be artistic) and has room for growth?

best photo editing software

ShareThis:We’ve been ruminating.. However, we’re pleased to report that we’re recovering 😉 Which online photo editing software is the best for our subscribers and readers of this Blog? For the last 6 months we’ve been asking people who sign up for our free video tutorials to tell us. What do you want to learn? A…

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So, is a Small Business Logo Necessary?

small business logo

ShareThis:and if not, what’s the alternative? This last week I was trying to find out what sort of images or graphics people would like to receive as free gifts. The responses we got were unsurprising and overwhelmingly – A Logo! I say unsurprising because it is one of the things that you can create on…

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Revealed: The Ideal Font Size To Use

Ideal font size to use

ShareThis:Hands up those of you who are Fonts Tarts? You switch from one font to t’other at the drop of a hat because there are just so many wonderful fonts that are now available. And who can blame you. Mind you, there are some very sound reasons for selecting just 2 fonts styles for your…

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Beware of The New Gmail Inbox: Friend or Foe?

email marketing tip

ShareThis:Do you have a Gmail Inbox? Are you a small business that uses Gmail? Are you a small business that carries out a fair bit of email marketing, like we do, using Gmail? Here’s a savvy email marketing tip. If you’ve got the new Gmail layout you may be wondering how this might affect any…

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