How to Use Fonts in Images to Spotlight Your Irresistible Messages

Using fonts

ShareThis: This is a great question and it crops up time and again. I mean it’s easy to see where the confusion arises. On one hand, you want to draw the eye to a particular offer or message. and on the other hand you don’t want the image to hurt the readers eyes by looking like…

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Facebook Fan Page New Layout 2014: All About App Graphics

Facebook Fan Page

ShareThis:Facebook Fan Page Timelines: You have no doubt heard about the impending changes to them? Some people received the new layout as early as March, but all the pages will change over in June. We’ve recently got the new design on our Useful Graphic Design Tutorials page. We needed to adjust one of the app…

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2 Warning Signs That You’re Not Resizing Photos Properly

Resize photos

ShareThis:Do your photos look stretched or fuzzy? Does the text on your images get cut off in its prime? Well, you’re not the only one. Resizing photos for FB, Google+, and Pinterest. I always seem to use a graphic that is too big for the cover or for uploading to my FB page. I have…

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How Do I Create More Professional Images For My Business?

More Professional images

ShareThis:Scroll down to the bottom of this post and get your free Professional Images PDF. It includes this post plus a handy Professional Images Checklist that you can use to check the quality of your images. That’s a great question! And one that we are asked most often, so I thought it was time to put a useful cheat…

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6 Pinterest Boards with Inspiring Creative Graphic Design Ideas

creative graphic design ideas

ShareThis:If you’re on the look out for inspiration to make visuals for your business, you could do a lot worse than to take a stroll around some Pinterest boards. Creative graphic ideas are found a plenty there. Even if you only have a spare 10 minutes, the following excellent Pinterest boards are sure to inspire…

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3 Ways to Attract More Blog Readers Using Deliciously Distinctive Photo Images

How to find distinctive photo images

ShareThis:Quick Question: Do your Blog posts receive the attention they deserve? Are your images so distinctive and tempting that visitors feel drawn into reading your post? Do you even have any images in the Blog post that enhances your posts message? A Blog post without relevant enticing images is like Coffee Ice Cream with half…

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Launched! Our Very Own Online Magazine: DIY Marketing Graphics

online magazine

ShareThis:Sometimes you’ve just gotta Go For It! Way back in December 2010 we were watching a video where Ed Dale of The Challenge fame was talking about how powerful Facebook was going to be for businesses in 2011 . We had signed up to Facebook back in 2008, but to be honest hadn’t really done very much…

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Visual Content: What Aspect Would You Like Help With?

visual content

ShareThis:We could really use your help What help do you need to create your visual content? Click on the link to let us know what help you’d like with your visual content We’re in the process of planning out future tutorials, Blog posts and workshops and we’d like to know what you’d like help with.…

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Scrambling to find something to write about for your Blog? Here’s a refreshingly simple method to remove the stress of Blog posting

Planning your Blog Posting

ShareThis:Why do I/we resist this planning stuff? Hands up those of you who are like me. Hello – please tell me there are others who resist this. I love the idea of planning – whether it be marketing activities for the month/year or planning weight loss over a set period of time. Intellectually I get…

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Here’s an Incredibly Simple Way to Make a Unique Personalized Gift for Anyone – Even Your Dog!

Unique personalized gift for your dog

ShareThis:Have you ever received a gift that is totally unique to you? Or perhaps the gift actually had your name on it? You have? And how did it make you feel? Special.  That the giver had really thought about the present and how much they valued your relationship. I think most people would feel like…

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