Inkscape Text Tool: The Basics

Inkscape text tool tricks

Inkscape is a super flexible programme and one of its great functions is the many and varied things you can do with the Inkscape text tool. But before we get carried away let’s go through these 4 basic techniques on which you can build. They are: 1. Kerning                   2.…

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Mobile Friendly Emails: 4 Quick Tips

mobile friendly emails

  You’ve all read the Blog posts. Headlines screaming:  Mobilegeddon. Or You know, Google’s recent changes (21 April) to their algorithm (whatever the heck that is)  which means that  if your website content doesn’t look good on a mobile device then your site may rank lower in a Google search behind sites that have their…

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3 Image Compression Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

3 Image Compression Tools

  We post a lot of images on this site. And I do mean a lot. But then you’d expect that given what we do here 🙂 The downside of doing this is that large images can really slow down the speed at which your web pages load. And this is one important factor that Google…

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2 Crafty Techniques to Capture More Video Repins on Pinterest

More repins on Pinterest

Daft Question: Would you like your pinned videos to get more action on Pinterest? If so read on.. Pinterest is primarily a photo-sharing site, but it can be a great place to get some traffic to your videos. You did make a video following my last post. Didn’t you? 🙂 But when you pin a video…

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Video Marketing for Beginners: It’s Time to Break Your Duck & Not Miss Out

Video Marketing for beginners feature

So that there’s no confusion about what I’m talking about, here is my definition of Video Marketing: This could include creating a video showcasing testimonials from satisfied customers, a demonstration on how a product or service works or a video telling the story of the business itself. Why you should consider creating your own spellbinding videos…

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Show Don’t Tell: How To Improve Customer Service in a Flash

how to improve customer service

I know you’re thinking that this is another catchy headline to attract attention. Well in a way you’d be correct. But it’s true. I believe that one of the easiest ways in how to improve customer service is to make a short (90 second, say) screen-cast video showing your customers how to do something instead…

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How to Build Trust With Customers (and Increase Sales) Using a Simple Checklist

How to build trust with customers

You want to gain more sales right? And people want to buy from you. Really they do. One of the most important things you can do to help customers buy from you is to create an environment of trust. And one of the ways to build trust with customers is to be consistent in how…

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The Easy Peasy Way to Understand Visual Hierarchy to Communicate a Clear Message

Visual Hierarchy using images and text

Try this visual hierarchy exercise Picture this! (See what I did there 🙂 ) You’ve landed on a web page and your eyes dart hither and thither. You’re not sure where you should start the story as there are images all over the place. Umm… so in the end you leave the site. Such a…

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H Tags and Font Sizes Demystified

H Tags and font sizes demistified

You asked us: There seems to be only Heading 1, 2 etc and paragraph on a WordPress Blog. What about if we want to use say, a size 14 font. How do we do that? And for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) purposes, which heading sizes do you use where?   What are H Tags (Header…

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6 Evergreen Logo Fonts That are Classy and Enduring

Enduring Logo Fonts

Designing a logo? Deciding which font to start with can be challenging! However, there are a few things to keep in mind that will make the task easier. Just like the clothes you wear, fonts go in and out of fashion. Unless you’re designing for a company that is trend-dependent and willing to update their logo…

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