If you’re wanting to discover how to create your own graphics and get a better understanding of graphicky things like resolution, vectors and resizing….then you're definitely in the right place. (Scroll down to the bottom to find out more)

Our aim here is to:
  1. Give you confidence to create your own graphics
  2. Help beginners and intermediates get to grips with the wonderful area of graphics software programmes - free ones in the main.
  3. Show you how you can make your own professional looking images for your business marketing.
  4. Demystify the entire process - if you stick around you will find that we are known for making complex processes simple and easier to understand. We like to use video a lot, as we find that showing people means they 'get it' more quickly

Our style is transparency and openness.

We understand that this Internet malarkey can be frustrating and overwhelming. We know this because we've felt this way too.

So if you have a question about graphics, then please get in touch and ask us. We'll share what we know with you.
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We also like to enjoy ourselves and have fun. Dame Judy Dench sums it up best:

And here's a little bit about us:

We are 2 welsh sisters from North Wales

9 Random facts abut Davina
  • I am the ‘Elder States-person’ in this family
  • My first car was a Morris Minor named Flossy
  • I love making ice cream (coffee) and eating it.
  • I flew in a sea-plane over Sydney Harbour in 2003
  • I gave up smoking at 4pm on 27th June, 2001
  • I enjoy going to new places to ‘see what is around the corner’. Just plain nosy really.
  • I have been dog sledding in Alaska
  • I do voluntary driving for Conwy Community Transport
  • Some of my favourite music makers – Tchaikovsky, John Williams, Mark Knopfler, Puccini and Neil Diamond.
9 Random facts about Caroline
  • Ludovico Einaudi is one of my favourite contemporary composers
  • I played the Violin until I was 18
  • I’ve seen the band ‘Simply Red’ live 5 times
  • A favourite meal is a Roast Turkey dinner with sprouts – roll on Christmas!
  • I’ve ridden on an elephant whilst having a hangover
  • One of my absolute favourite TV programmes is NCIS – it’s great fun!
  • I lived in Australia for 2 years
  • ‘Shrinking Violet’ is not a description that my friends would use on me 🙂
  • I co-organised Mick Jagger’s 50th Birthday party – huh, what a name dropper!

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