3 Image Compression Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

3 Image Compression Tools


We post a lot of images on this site.

And I do mean a lot.

But then you’d expect that given what we do here 🙂

The downside of doing this is that large images can really slow down the speed at which your web pages load.

And this is one important factor that Google looks at when ranking a page for search. We live in an instant society and if a web visitor has to wait even a few seconds for a page to load, they’re off.

And that includes me.

Whilst here is a great image compression tool built into Photoshop – Save for the Web – of course not everyone uses Photoshop.

So here are 3 nifty image compression tools that do this job (we’ve used all 3).

  • they maintain the size of your image (pixel width and height)
  • compress the elements in the image (up to 82%) with no discernible loss of quality (so you’d notice)
  • save bandwidth
  • and improve your site’s performance

1. Compressor.io

This is our current favourite because

  • the interface is simple
  • it does one job
  • there’s no limit to how many images you can upload

3 Image Compression tools - Compressor










2. TinyPNG

This does a similar job but the reason we like this one is that it preserves the full transparency of an image.

So if you you have an image with a transparent background, the image will be compressed but still retain the transparency. It’s easier to show you..

Side Note:
It’s worth mentioning here that although the image below looks as though it doesn’t have a background, in fact it does. It’s just that it’s transparent and so we can’t see it.

TinyPNG Image Compression Tool






3. Web Resizer

We’ve been using Web Resizer for several years.

  • it’s simple to use,
  • has unobtrusive ads (always a bonus)
  • you don’t have to register to use it
  • you can make adjustments to the image such as enhance colours, sharpen it, whilst you’re optimising it

You just upload your image into the programme and it works its magic. Simples!

Webresize Image Compression Tool








4. WPSmush

I know we stated 3 tools in the headline but this does deserve a mention here.

This is a WordPress Plugin which will do the compressing for you when you upload your images on to your WordPress site.

You can also compress the images you already have on your site and there is a bulk Smush feature as well.

WP-Smush Image Compression Tool

What’s your favourite?

We love discovering what tools people use.

Leave a comment below if you find these tools useful and please share with us the tools that you find useful.

PS. You can also save considerable space on your computer if you have lots of photos on it and you compress them using one of these tools.


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