29 online business tools that will help you to be more productive


If you’d like to make your time on-line more productive and hassle-free, then take a look at our hand-picked list of useful on-line business tools – both graphics based and general ones. Oh, and don’t ignore the website measuring tool, just at the bottom of the resources page in that link. Genius!

Confession time now!

To be honest we’ve had a ‘Resources’ page on our site here for little while, but there have been very few resources on it.

Ahem! – Well, you may be pleased to know that we’ve recently rectified this and started to compile a list of tools to use when creating images/graphics and some of the basics if you are just starting out on-line.

Click here to find those free graphics tools.

Let’s face it, there are so many resources available that it’s hard to know which are good in reality (and which just look good on the outside but are left wanting when you start to use them), so we’ve put together this list for you, based on our personal experience.

It’s definitely a work in progress and we will be changing the suggestions over time. I’m sure, as we discover more juicy tools that help us to leverage our time or just plain have more fun.

In addition to these graphic tools, here are 5 more

Pop Survey

This company have paid a great deal of attention of the way your surveys look.

They offer a free plan with 2 surveys – scroll down their front page  to see the details.

If you need more surveys than this, there are tiered paid options, but you can trial it for free and it’s really easy to set them up too! Always a bonus 🙂


This is an European  music site. You can download royalty-free, Creative Commons music. The music isn’t free if you want to use for commercial purposes, and do check the license details in the FAQ.

Pinboard is a social bookmarking site for introverts and personal archive with an emphasis on speed over socializing. I’ve been using it now for about a month and previously I used the bookmarking function on the Chrome browser.

However, this is so much better. It does cost $10 ( a one-time cost), but it’s worth it for the clean interface and the intuitive, simple method of saving your favourite pages. I thoroughly recommend it. In fact, I think I’ll do a short video on it at some point, so watch this space.

DropBox for sharing and backing up your files

Get this if you:
a) would like to access your files from more than one computer (or iPhone or iPad…) OR
b) you don’t want to collapse in tears because you lose all your files when your laptop gets lost/self-combusts.

BTW the first 2G is free and there are several ways in which you can increase this, like referring a pal to it.
Great for easily sharing videos that can be too large to share any other way.

Google Drive – simultaneously sharing/amending a Document with someone else

One of the things about building a business with a partner/sister is that you need to communicate really well about stuff.

Google Drive (used to be known as Google Docs) is brilliant for this. The both of us can work on the same document at once and see each others’ updates as if they are typing on your computer, and we can easily share notes/presentations and so on.


What about you?

Do you have any must-have tools that help with productivity?
If so, tell us about them in the comments below.

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Image Credit:  Clever Cupcakes
About The Author

Caroline Jones

I’m Caroline and I look to help small business owners create their own graphics by writing tutorials and tips on graphics editing software. I live in Wales , love Tartan and Coffee Ice Cream. You can read more about me here

  • Nice list of business tools we can use for productive project management. I recently posted a blog article that shows you how you can get rid of email to apps and tools hopping and making the overall project management much simpler.

    • Hi there Amol – anything to make a little simpler is always encouraged. nice to see you visiting us.

      • Thanks Caroline, its nice to connect with you too!

  • First of all what’s Photopin? its not in your post. Do you (and Jo) mean pinboard ?

    We have a number of FREE tools detailed in our “working in the cloud” book which you may find interesting. Evernote is mentioned but we use Springpad.


    I know this is opt-in but you can always unsubscribe if you like. Just easier to send as is currently set up.

    • Hi Kath! Photopin is a site where you can search for free images with the Creative Commons licence. Pinboard is a bookmarking site (which we both really like) but which costs $9 or there abouts. Will take a look at the ‘Working in the Cloud’ book. Thanks for the tip off.

  • What a great list, I’ll definitely be coming back to it for future use. I’m a bit hopeless with all this sort of thing and only use Dropbox for the moment but I really like the sound of Jamendo and Pinboard.

    • Phoebe – I hope you’ve had a look at the Resource page too as there are some really nifty graphics tools that we use a lot.

  • Hello Caroline, nice list! Google Drive is awesome. I use it more than I use Microsoft Word, love the automating saving so you don’t end up with multiple drafts of the same document. As far as productivity, I find the Page Color Picker Chome extension saves me a lot of time. I’m sure you use something similar seeing as how this a mostly a design blog.

    • Hi Katherine – interestingly, the automated saving function on G Drive is one of the things that I find can be a little irritating – it’s a bit too efficient -LOL

      You will find couple of colour pickers towards the bottom of the Resources page – my fav at the moment is Color Pix.

  • Bev

    I use Dropbox and Google Drive a LOT. I tried Groove Shark for music but it kept hanging on me – so am not sure about that yet, even though it started really well!! Think I shall have to try your Jamendo …

    • Hey Bev – did you see the Measureit! gizmo on our Resource page, just down at the bottom. Couldn’t do without this one and surely right up your street!

  • Thanks so much for sharing these tools!

    CommentLuv is one of my favourite plugins, as you may know already 🙂 and for manipulating graphics I fell in love with pixlr.com, really easy to use and has so many features for an online graphic editor, sometimes I cannot believe it’s free 🙂

    • Hey Delia – between the 3 of us, we’re going to end up with a humongous box of tools 🙂
      We will be adding to our list of resources, but we prefer ipiccy.com (also free) over pixlr as it is as easy to use but has much greater flexibility. Try it and let us know what you think.

  • Opps, Where do you like your comments to appear? I posted on Facebook – I think.

    I like Evernote for storing all those articles that you want to read but “not at the moment”

    • Elizabeth – we don’t really mind where you comment from – it’s just nice to hear from you. I use Evernote a lot too – forgot to put it on, so thanks for reminding me.
      Is your Evernote a bit like mine then? Like the cupboard under the stairs 😉

  • This is really superb tutorial this tool is very important for me. thanks for your valuable post.

    • Thanks for your comment Harry. BTW – nice site you have there. I wouldn’t mind having a Personal Chef meself 🙂